The University of Santo Tomas Hospital Section of Urology traces its roots to the UST Department of Urology that existed as early as 1933 and to the Residency Training Program in Urology and Proctology of the old San Juan de Dios Hospital, the first teaching hospital of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. In 1940, the present USTH Section of Urology became the first subspecialty section to be organized under the UST Department of Surgery, the first such department to be established in the country in 1908. Indeed, the beginnings of Philippine Urology is only one of the milestones in the history of USTH Section of Urology. The urology residency training program of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital was among the first to be accredited by the Philippine Board of Urology in 1972.  In 1982, under the leadership of Dr. Parreno, who replaced Dr. Antonio as the Chief of Section, a new training program was formally started.  Dr. Rene Felipe was appointed training officer. The first resident to be appointed was Dr. Jerry H. Santos.  Dr. Edwin Co was absorbed by the program in 1982.

Over the years, the section steadily grew in strength and influence, being at the forefront of Urologic training and practice in the country. The program has since produced outstanding graduates, many of whom are well-respected as subspecialists in local and international circles.

On July 2017, through the efforts of Dr. David T. Bolong and Dr. Jason L. Letran, the Urology residency program of the University of Santo Tomas forged a Memorandum of Agreement with the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center to further and improve the training of its residents. Each 2nd year and 4th year urology resident is allowed to rotate for 4 to 6 months per year to give additional exposure especially in the field of Urologic oncology, advanced endo-urology and recent technological advances such as MRI fusion prostate biopsies. This rotation started on August 2017 and is deemed vital to the residents’ training.

On August 2018, the section was able to send its first senior resident to Severance Hospital, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea for a 2-week observership program. This was made possible by Dr. Mark Joseph Abalajon and Dr. David Bolong in order to supplement the residents’ exposure to Robotics and other state-of-the-art urological procedures. Since then, 2 senior residents are sent per year to undergo the said rotation.


To uphold dedicated, competent and compassionate health care delivery under the light of Catholic faith and morals; and to propagate high standards of medical education and training, basic and clinical research, and professional growth and development of the medical and paramedical staff, including students and postgraduate trainees.


The Section of Urology of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital is the center of excellence in the practice of Urology from which emanates education, training and research in a setting that nurtures relationship guided by the Catholic faith and morals.